India for Adventure


You have heard about India’s glorious culture, you know it to be the destination for yoga, rejuvenation, for its wealth of ancient art and architecture, its ornate palaces and majestic forts. Did you know it is one of the greatest destinations for adventure? That it is a paradise to pursue your special interests?

Be it the rising Himalayas covered in snow or the metamorphosed ranges of the Western and Eastern Ghats that run parallel to the coast in the peninsula, the enchanting rise and fall of the reliefs offer myriad variety in terms of things to see and do – the vegetation, the variety of animal and bird species, the people who live in little villages and hamlets amidst all the breathtaking views, the whispering streams and crashing waterfalls.

Enough has been said about the beauty of India. To enjoy it while you have your adrenaline pumping is quite another experience. Blaze the trail on your feet, or on a bicycle and catch you breath at views that take your breath away.

If you have a thing for your roaring machines, then what better way to experience adventure in India than on your motorbike, with the beats of your heart and that of your bike’s engine running in sync and playing the background score.

If you cannot control the naturalist in you and the wood, alive with the plenitude of flora and fauna, fascinate you, then so be it. Go camping, hike and pitch a tent. Watch days roll into nights and be one with nature.

Nurture your special interest, hone and perfect techniques, converge and make minds meet with people sharing your interest. All you need is a reason or a passion and India is your answer.